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Writer Without A Cause,

I write for no reason.  I cannot stop writing.  I am liked an addicted hyenia, I laugh and than I write.  I write to get rid of the voices.  The voice about why the world is and,why it is not this or that and, what it ought to be. Like I can change Bush.  Oh, I can change my bush but not Mr. Bush.  No you can fuck bush or hate Bush. Both are empty.

So what, I don't care. I am only here to entertain my mind. 

Practice my free speech. I hate Bush. The world is a lie. It's all misinformation to just throw you off the path. Like a great mystery. You get to laugh at death, truely go home. This is just a story about it.

List of its

  • humor
  • paradox
  • change

What is a deb-it?

it is all things and everything.

so everyday you deb-it

I had a dream i never woke up.

was it death?  attraction moves the universe. i am attracted to the dark side yet i want light. so i am a paradox? i am an anegma: wrapped up in a cameleon . . . so the truth is this is an illusion so i suggest you get a sense of humor. what do i know. i am the puppet. words of wisdon . . .  do nothing.

Why is it hard to do nothing?  Try to do nothing for one minuite. go on; i dare ya.  ok, than do nothing for three minutes. let your mind do nothing; yea, bet ya can't do that one.

As Deb-it sees it:

Sex is not over-rated

It should be like three meals a day

It is best to wash before sex

You can be daring and not use protection

Get Aids, pregnant some nasty little STD's

Oh, life is a risk, is it not?

I feel like an unwatered plant, no sex for six months?

I may wilt and die, it is indeed a record for me

So, as I see it, sex is healthy unless it's your Daddy trying to fuck you